Mayfield Four Monday: Week Five

This week's Mayfield Four song I'm loving really needs no explanation, other than... sigh.

"White Flag" from Second Skin.

Why I dig this song: It's romantic and pretty. Plus, as I've stated before, Myles Kennedy doesn't write songs like this, or sing with this much emotion anymore. 

NOT that I have a problem with how Mr. Kennedy is rockin' now.

The drum-filled intro is cool. The strings in the background are Bittersweet Symphony-ish. There is really nothing groundbreaking here. If someone with a less angelic voice was singing, I might just feel "meh" about "White Flag."

Aside from the "bring me to my knees/for you I'd do anything," (which I don't mind) I don't think the lyrics are overly cheesy. The lyrics that stick with me the most are: "white flag flies above/this is what I've chosen/I'd change anything/now that my pride is broken." I also really love the bridge.

Most of all...I can't say I don't enjoy hearing Myles sing a love song. Again, sigh...

If you aren't convinced, check out this video. It's from the same show I posted about last week. I like this live, acoustic version better than the recorded one:

If you are just joining me, and want more Mf4, well, buy an album. Or you can look up their songs yourself... but you'll only get my brilliant commentary by clicking on the links below:

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