Mayfield Four Monday: Week Four

There was no Mayfield Four Monday last week. Thanks to my buddy Michael over at The Cheap Seats blog for noticing!

I had a telethon to produce and a double shift at work, followed by a fun night volunteering at Springfield's Gillioz Theatre and revisiting my Creed fangirl days. But back to business...

This week's song is Eden (Turn the Page):

Why I love it: The lyrics are the front-and-center feature in this track for me. I guess you could say it's a "mature" breakup song, portraying the sadness of losing something you "worked so hard to save." 

I love the lines in the chorus, "I don't want to start all over/and try to find another shoulder/to lean on/'cause yours made me feel safe." This song does a great job making you feel the conflicted emotions that come with ending a relationship that needs to be over...but being afraid to lose the comfort it brings.

I like the acoustic guitar backing the verses, and then electric guitars in the chorus. The way the bridge fades out, and then the heavier chorus comes back at 2:49 is not a unique thing, but I really dig punches like that in songs.

Enjoy this live version, from an MK show in 2009. Sound isn't great, but there is some adorably Myles-y banter at the beginning.

Side note: After you watch this video, you'll likely be referred to more videos from this show. Bofest 2009? I've never seen these before. I love you, internet.

I got the impression from this recent interview that this is what a Myles solo show would be like. Just Mr. Kennedy and his guitar. 

If that's the case...Mf4, and some blues/jazz songs, (Check out "Traveling Riverside Blues.") mixed with the solo songs every Myles Kennedy superfan is probably dying to hear...then I would gladly wait an extra year for a new Alter Bridge record so Myles can finish up and tour on a solo album.

Until that happens, luckily, there are plenty of chances to hear that voice.

Until next time--

Mrs. W.


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