Hey, Springfield, Remember when Dorothy opened for Halestorm and Lita Ford back in April and everyone fell deeply in love with the beautiful brunette who can sing her ass off?

Well, now Dorothy has released a full length album, ROCKISDEAD.

I already lost my shit about Dorothy a few months I've reviewed half this album already.

And my buddy over at The Cheap Seats Report wrote a fantastic description of ROCKISDEAD.

So I don't really need to spend a ton of time on this write up. But I'm probably going to anyway.

ROCKISDEAD starts with "Kiss It." The guitars are dirty and fun and the lyrics are rebellious. This album is full of girl power, but not the fluffy, pink kind. Real girl power. Metal girl power. "Dark Nights" continues that theme--Dorothy won't settle for anything less than the bad ass dude she deserves, and you shouldn't either dammit.

The album is full of gritty, electronic sounds that give it a unique edge. There's something for everyone on ROCKISDEAD. Indie, pop, rock...even country. Imagine "Whiskey Fever" sung in the style of Miranda Lambert. You may not want to, but if you try, you have to admit it will work. The album closer, "Shelter," even has a gospel feel.

"Raise Hell" and "Wicked Ones" bring a one-two punch of sexy party music. Ladies, this is what you should listen to when you're putting on red lipstick and black stockings. Guys, this is also what should be playing when you take them off later. (Or vice versa...whatever)

The haunting "Medicine Man" is a must hear...a bit Stevie Nicks. The bluesy, sultry "Woman" sounds like it's coming from fuzzy amps in a smoky bar.

These days, I always wonder if a singer is actually as talented as they sound on an album. Because, studio magic. Dorothy is the real deal. The whole band is talented. I love the rock vibe they bring live:

More songs that should be your soundtrack for your first tattoo, staying out until 4:00 a.m. and/or smoking cigarettes follow in "After Midnight" and "Missile." The latter is one of my favorites on ROCKISDEAD. It's effortless but ballsy. I love how Dorothy plays with melody and mood-- spitting out the verse, slowing down before the chorus, then totally letting loose.

This album will make you feel things. All kinds of things. You should buy it and play it really loud while you get into some kind of delicious trouble.

This night ain't for the faint of heart,

-Mrs W.