Mayfield Four Monday: Week Two

I introduced this fascinating and earth-shattering series last week. This week's Mayfield Four Monday features two songs that have been stuck in my pretty little head.

"Loose Cannon" from Second Skin:

Catchy tune, serious lyrics. "Loose Cannon" barrels straight at you and doesn't let up--fitting the story of a harsh, angry parent.

I love the variety of vocal melodies in the song. The verse, pre-chorus, and chorus are all very different. That chorus is so catchy and so full of emotion.

I picked this particular video for the vintage Mf4 pics. Ador(k)able.

"Always" from Fallout:

This song would have fit in just fine on early 2000's alt-rock radio. The verse builds tension to a catchy, almost bouncy (but, you know, alternative and serious bouncy) chorus.

I grew up listening to country music and its literal lyrics, so I'm pretty terrible at figuring out rock's vague, more creative metaphors. 

I'm pretty sure "Always" is about addiction. "She" = a drug. Or whatever someone happens to be addicted to. watching Pretty Little Liars...Nutella.

As always, thanks for reading and listening! I think we can all agree the gorgeous voice of Mr. Myles Kennedy makes Monday a bit more bearable!


Mrs. W.