Mayfield Four Monday: Week Three

This week, my Mayfield Four obsession is "Flatley's Crutch" from Second Skin:

Why I love this song: Well, all of it.

The lyrics. Someone is battling something. I relate to this song hard. From the "wide awake at six a.m." part to the "afraid you'll suffocate in the undertow" feeling.

The chorus: "let it go/let it fade...don't run away." Turn away from the past and face your problems, "'Cause you're stronger now/that you've endured the pain."

I dig that guitar riff in the intro. Something about it really gets to me.

Right at 2:00, my favorite part of this song. That bridge is so sweet. This song is not telling you to passively believe in something and everything will work out: "Damn this situation/get off your f*cking ass if you want to save this!"

More than any Mayfield Four jam, this one makes me wish I could have seen them live. I would have belted this mother effer out at a concert.

If it wasn't weird to be a 30-year-old who listens to a song over and over in her room alone like an angsty teenager, I'd totally do that with this one.

Wait, why the crap do I care? I need this album on CD and my old discman, now!

I'm definitely done rambling about this song when you can just push play.

--Mrs. W.