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Stone Sour

When: The Slipknot front man's more radio-friendly operation is set to release Hydrograd this summer. Though Corey Taylor has promised new music this month.

The Good: Taylor has used words like "heavy" and "infectious" to describe the album, and reveals it was mostly recorded live.
Yes please! Can I hear it now? Recording live brings so much energy and magic to an album.
House of Gold and Bones pt 1 & 2 were solid, so my hopes are high for this one.

The Potential Bad: Mr. W. has followed Slipknot since they squeezed their 9 sweaty asses on the stage of the Juke Joint in Springfield back in the late '90's, and kinda popped my rocktimism bubble by letting me know Corey Taylor is a master hype man.
I am also in a glass cage of emotion over the idea of a Stone Sour without (Slipknot/former Stone Sour guitarist and tower of badassery) Jim Root.

We'll see soon enough...until then, CT is being adorable and hashtagging #Hydrograd like crazy on Instagram.

Red Sun Rising

When: Not sure, but they've been working on new stuff for awhile. Maybe late 2017 or early 2018.

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The Good: Red Sun Rising's first full length album, Polyester Zeal, is the best Active Rock debut in the past 5 years.
Says me.
RSR is the total package. You're getting catchy anthems, introspective and dramatic ballads, and driving rock tracks--each of them executed with a unique sense of melody and musicianship.

Radio has really embraced Red Sun Rising, so they're set up for success.
That radio love likely means they won't mess with the formula too much for album 2.

That seems to be the case with the new song they've been performing live, "The Running Man:"

The Potential Bad: Hopefully, the pressure of that success doesn't stifle any creativity or risk-taking.

These guys are brilliant, and I want to hear whatever RSR comes up with, raw and unfiltered.


When: No clue on a release date yet, but this is apparently gonna happen:

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The Good: Since Shiprocked, I have been a bit #obsessed with Wilson.

You can read all about why I am deeply in love with Wilson's dirty, dirty rock 'n roll here.
The band performed 2 new songs for us on Shiprocked (These vids? NSFW):

This next one is my favorite. I'm pretty sure you can hear me screaming in the video.
Because Chad:

That guitar. Holy hell.
I have no bad here. These new songs kick some serious ass. I sincerely hope Wilson's next album propels them to the next level. Those sexy bastards deserve it.


When: No clues yet. This will be a huge Active Rock release so I'm sure there will be quite a bit of strategy and buildup. Maybe early next year?

Because we both have fantastic taste in music, Lzzy Hale and I have attended several of the same shows since I moved to Nashville in October.
Each time, I totally could have said "hi," but instead I just looked at her and Joe awkwardly for, like, 5 seconds and then walked away.

An accurate reenactment:

Anyway, Halestorm is working on a new album:

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The Good: It took a few listens for me to really love the band's most recent full length studio album, Into the Wild Life--it's a bit less "metal" than the stuff I'm digging these days--but now I completely love every moment of it.
I think that record showed Halestorm is willing to push themselves creatively, beyond what is needed to score a hit rock single, giving us a deep and interesting collection of songs. If they keep pushing--which I'm sure they are--they're going to come up with something truly amazing.
That being said, my favorite songs on Into the Wild Life are the heavier ones, so if the band is taking that direction, I will welcome the inevitable awesomeness into my life.

Again, no bad. I can't imagine Halestorm's next album will be anything but magic that will make me proud to be a lady who likes to rock.


When: It'll be awhile. Alter Bridge is touring for the rest of the year.
Although according to the band's freakishly talented drummer, writing for the new Tremonti record has already began:

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The Good: Tremonti's music is what my melodic thrash metal dreams are made of.
Dust is so good it hurts.


Mark is shooting for another "double album" thing for Tremonti's next album will be more "atmospheric" and the other will be heavier.

The Potentially Bad: When I see the word "atmospheric," I think "Alter Bridge-y."
But what do I know? Nothing. I didn't play Woodstock '99.
Mark is a metal genius, and his band is super tight, so I'm positive these next releases will be stellar.

Myles Kennedy???

Come on, Myles Kennedy.
I'm pretty sure Slash is going to be busy for awhile, and you should probably release that damn solo album soon.
Or, you know, both of them.
And play, like, 8 shows in Nashville.

I'll keep ya'll posted on that,

--Mrs. W.