The Shiprocked Chronicles

I cannot sum up an insane, beautiful experience like Shiprocked Cruise in just one I've put together a list of Tumblr pieces about the coolest adventure ever.

I give you the Shiprocked Chronicles...

Shiprocked: We shall hail those waves

I fell even deeper in love with Avatar:

The day I drank a margarita and showed Alter Bridge my AB tattoo 

In which I take my fangirling to new heights.

Shiprockers take over the beach

And remind each other to put sunscreen on our tattoos.

Only on Shiprocked 

Yoga on a freaking boat, and an intimate concert with a rock legend.

Wilson: My Shiprocked obsession

This band is the coolest.

Shiprocked: A life changing trip

I get all philosophical: "Finding some insane enlightenment on a rock music cruise might seem kinda silly, but I don’t care."

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