Review: Tremonti/Dust

For the past two weeks, I've been driving to and from work, air-drumming and air-guitaring along with Tremonti's new album, Dust.

I'm sure my lack of rhythm would make anyone who knows anything about music want to punch me right in the boob.

Dust was recorded during the same sessions as last summer's Cauterize. But singer/lead guitarist Mark Tremonti has made sure to say this isn't the "b-sides" of Cauterize. Dust seems more aggressive, apocalyptic, angrier, and thrashy.

This album is heavy. No joke. Giving this one a spin is just asking for a Beavis and Butthead moment-- you know, like when a Pantera video would come on and they would just go nuts?

Yeeeaaah! Rock! Yes! That's what "My Last Mistake" and "The Cage" will do for you. "Once Dead" is a good mix of fast and doomy metal, and the title track has definitely grown on me since it was released:

Big choruses and fantastic riffs follow on "Betray Me" and "Tore My Heart Out.' I love Tremonti's music so much because of that combo of strong melodies and fast, heavy guitars. That variety keeps you guessing-- I think I've discovered a new little nugget of guitar goodness or a cool melody every time I've listened to Dust.

The standout on the second half of the album is "Catching Fire." It brings back the brutal punch the first two songs had, and turns it up a notch. I love the way the bass pounds behind the lyrics of the second verse. That bridge is perfect and complicated and terrifying. It's a masterpiece, really. A Tremasterpiece.

But, don't turn off Dust after track 7. "Never Wrong," with a chorus melody that perfectly compliments the struggle in the lyrics, and "Rising Storm," are also super solid. The final song, "Unable to See," is definitely in the running for my favorite non-speedy-metal Tremonti song.

Ready for a "duh" moment? The guitars on this bitch are amazeballs. Mark Tremonti is the man. Riffs and solos--they're both awesome and unmistakably his. Drummer Garret Whitlock is also a beast. The drums are mixed excellently on this album-- they sound perfect. The way they compliment the songs is genius.

Just listen to the album, and marvel at its many wonders.


Mrs. W.