Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's in my CD player this week

Yes, that's right. My 2005 Ford Escape has a six CD changer and no aux input. Which would have been cool three years before the vehicle was made. My high school boyfriend had a six CD changer in his car, but you had to load the CDs in the trunk. That only made him even more dreamy.

Anyway...let's take a peek at what I'm listening to this week:

Sons of Texas. My husband heard this band on a Tulsa radio station as we drove back from a concert. I don't remember this because I was probably taking a nap. I like naps. I also like Sons of Texas' album Baptized in the Rio Grande. It's ballsy, modern southern metal done right:

Rival Sons. I'm pumped to see these guys open for Black Sabbath in Kansas City in February. How I learned about them is typical me: Myles Kennedy mentioned them as one of his favorite new bands on an episode of That Metal Show. (#stalker) I really liked Rival Sons after checking them out on Spotify and snagged their album Pressure and Time at CD Warehouse last weekend. This is a killer album. I don't even want to try to classify Rival Sons as anything but straight up rock n' roll:

The Winery Dogs. I am still in a semi-serious relationship with this band's self-titled debut. I haven't written a review of the Dogs' recent album, Hot Streak. Long story short--Hot Streak does not have the same magic for me. It's still a solid enough effort, though. And I am utterly obsessed with one particular song on Hot Streak. "Captain Love" is ridiculous and marvelous. Who wouldn't love a song featuring lyrics like, "I'm 45 but I'm 18 in the clutch...woman...they call me Captain Love?" I listen to this song multiple times on the way to work when I really want to make the day my bitch:

What are YOU listening to this week, and why?

Tell Mrs W. all about it.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Alter Bridge in 2016: A fan's perspective

News of the impending Guns N' Roses reunion is getting a reaction other than "OMG!" in a different corner of the Internet.

BILLBOARD: Guns N' Roses to Reunite for Coachella, Possible Stadium Tour: Sources


It's the cry from Alter Bridge fanatics and those who worship at the altar of Myles Kennedy. If you're one, you're probably the other.

This is my take on the whole thing. My only "authority" in this area? I follow the rock/metal scene like most people follow sports. Take my rambling for what that's worth.

I love SMKC. Especially the band's first album, Apocalyptic Love. Every time I've seen the guys live, it's been a ridiculously electric rock 'n roll revelation.

Kansas City, July 2014
SMKC is gaining traction in a big way, especially outside America. It would be silly of them to stop.

But while Slash and the guys are indescribably fun and badass, Alter Bridge makes me feel things. AB's music touches my spirit and I can rock out to it.

Some AB fans get all bent out of shape when Myles records or tours with Slash. I do think the Fortress, World on Fire timing wasn't ideal, (more on that later) so I get it. But, it's not like Mark Tremonti and Slash negotiate who gets Myles, like a couple of divorced parents, and Mr. Kennedy has no say in the matter.

At least, I don't think that's how it goes. Myles is doing what he wants.

Until Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, we don't know exactly what's happening with G N' R.

What we do know: Mark Tremonti says the band will start working on an album this month, and we'll get to hear "AB V" later this year. And despite what some members of the SMKC camp said last year about working on new music already, if Guns does tour, any Conspirator-ing will likely be put on hold. Meaning more time for AB to tour on its 5th album.

Do I need to make a flow chart?

More time to tour can only be a good thing for Alter Bridge. I don't think Fortress gained them many new fans. That's a shame. It's an absolutely amazing album. There's not one song on Fortress I'd even consider skipping. I feel like the tour and "strike while the iron is hot" push for the late 2013 release didn't have much energy behind it. (remember, Kennedy took an Alter-Break and recorded World on Fire in the middle of 2014)

AB has hardcore fans who would pay to see them perform anything short of a Nickleback cover set. They reached us in 2014. I saw them on that tour three times. But did they make a ton of new fans in the U.S. like they should have after releasing a masterpiece like Fortress?

You can tell it's AB Myles, because his shirt has sleeves.

For AB V, I'd like to see Alter Bridge hit more cities they haven't played ever or in awhile. (*cough* Springfield, Missouri *cough*) If they (or their peeps) aren't already, they should do much more of whatever it is bands do to suck up to radio and get their songs played more. Maybe Alter Bridge needs to tour the U.S. with another well-known act to get more people to give them a chance.

Alter Bridge is so good. They should be one of the top bands in rock, but I find a lot of people have either never heard of them, or haven't given them a chance.  Maybe it's the "they're 3/4 of Creed" thing still following them around?

If you want to be optimistic, Alter Bridge fans are lucky. We pretty much have a constant flow of new music between AB, Myles and Slash, and Mark Tremonti's band. We should just be thankful there are still some awesome dudes making real rock 'n roll left in the world.

I'll end this in the way I plan to end every post until it freaking happens. (not really. But maybe) My real hope is that while Slash is busy with Axl and Duff, Myles Kennedy will have time to release and tour on that damn solo album.

A photo posted by Myles Kennedy (@myleskennedyofficial) on

Myles. Kennedy. Solo. Album.


--Mrs. W.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in music OR Obligatory New Year post

2015 was the roughest year I've had in awhile. It hit me super hard because I'm pretty sure this is the first time I wasn't the one who made the mess I was in.

I learned that some people just suck. Some people make up their mind about you before they give you a chance. But then they, inexplicably, let you pour every ounce of yourself into something...making you think you had a chance. And then they crush you.

But--switching careers briefly gave me the motivation I needed to get help and finally fix the fucked up way I've been thinking about myself and the world for 31 years. I still have work to do, but I can handle things I never thought I'd be able to take. I'm realizing everyone has issues, some people relate to me more than I ever thought they would. Which is why I'm pretty open about all this.

I now have the unique opportunity to test my progress. I'm back at the career I had for 7 years before I briefly ventured into the world of making concerts happen. So I can see how I've changed. I'm like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed. I'm more confident, I am able to discern when a situation calls for panic mode--which is almost never. Usually a sarcastic comment or a Tina Belcher quote will diffuse any perceived tragi-pocalypse. I'm not Josie Grossie anymore!

But that's a whole new level of scary. If I want to get all "man! I feel like a woman" on 2016, I have to step up. Taking away my anxiety means I don't have anything to hide behind. If I want to be the person I've always dreamed of being...I have to be that person. (Whoa)

And honestly, it's being the same just means being OKAY with her. Giving her a break. That small tweak could change everything.

So now I have to find a way to still make concerts happen on my own. I have to pursue my passions. I have to reach out and make friends with new people. I have to keep learning and growing. I have to not be afraid. I have to read a book. I have to listen to more music. I have to write. I have to be sexier. I have to laugh more. I need to stop apologizing. I need to stop being afraid to love deeply. I need to be excited about the things that inspire me.

I have to take all those badass chick rock songs and "screw what you think" metal songs to heart.

I'll do all of that once I finish Gossip Girl on Netflix

Happy freakin' New Year,

--Mrs. W