What's in my CD player this week

Yes, that's right. My 2005 Ford Escape has a six CD changer and no aux input. Which would have been cool three years before the vehicle was made. My high school boyfriend had a six CD changer in his car, but you had to load the CDs in the trunk. That only made him even more dreamy.

Anyway...let's take a peek at what I'm listening to this week:

Sons of Texas. My husband heard this band on a Tulsa radio station as we drove back from a concert. I don't remember this because I was probably taking a nap. I like naps. I also like Sons of Texas' album Baptized in the Rio Grande. It's ballsy, modern southern metal done right:

Rival Sons. I'm pumped to see these guys open for Black Sabbath in Kansas City in February. How I learned about them is typical me: Myles Kennedy mentioned them as one of his favorite new bands on an episode of That Metal Show. (#stalker) I really liked Rival Sons after checking them out on Spotify and snagged their album Pressure and Time at CD Warehouse last weekend. This is a killer album. I don't even want to try to classify Rival Sons as anything but straight up rock n' roll:

The Winery Dogs. I am still in a semi-serious relationship with this band's self-titled debut. I haven't written a review of the Dogs' recent album, Hot Streak. Long story short--Hot Streak does not have the same magic for me. It's still a solid enough effort, though. And I am utterly obsessed with one particular song on Hot Streak. "Captain Love" is ridiculous and marvelous. Who wouldn't love a song featuring lyrics like, "I'm 45 but I'm 18 in the clutch...woman...they call me Captain Love?" I listen to this song multiple times on the way to work when I really want to make the day my bitch:

What are YOU listening to this week, and why?

Tell Mrs W. all about it.