Friday, May 30, 2014

Rough track from Last Contact

The man who married me and turned me into a metal head is a pretty talented mofo on the guitar. His band, Last Contact, is working on new songs as they look to replace their vocalist, who moved to Kansas City.

I am loving the groovier direction of the stuff the guys are coming up with. I have to share this tune they just finished. It's rough, just drums and Mike's guitar. The mix came out quiet, so you'll have to turn it up:


The straight-up rock groove and thrashy bridge seems like the perfect canvas for a cool vocal track. The singer could go with the melody, or do something kinda soaring--or completely different--over it. If I had any musical talent at all, I would have already bullied Mike, Josh, and Brett into letting me front the band. 

You can visit their ReverbNation page to hear more from Last Contact. 

And if you know a singer in the Springfield, Missouri area who is into jamming this kind of rock--and is ready to dive in and play shows ASAP-- please contact Last Contact (yes, I went there) on facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random 'net finds OR How I spent my long weekend

Because you asked.

I spent my four-day weekend catching up on new and old favorite blogs, watching movies, and hanging around YouTube. There was beer. And wine. The Oak Leaf brand that Walmart sells for $2.87 a bottle.

Some fun things I came across:

**One of my favorite blog communities, Offbeat Home, shared a guest post, Staying Spooky in the Corporate World, offering ways to incorporate goth style into your professional wardrobe. While I don't identify as goth, I DO like to play around with my style, which I'd describe as "rocker" meets "girl who likes leggings, tank tops, and cardigans." This post has some good things to remember about dressing for work while being creative with your clothing.

**Speaking of my style inspiration...A day in the life of Halestorm:

It's exactly what the title suggests, sooo...I'll just say I really want Lzzy Hale to be my best friend. And I mean that in a non-Single White Female kind of way.

Awkward transition from rock to country.

**Saving Country Music, has plenty of goodies to get any music industry nerd's gears grinding:
Kentucky radio station is now GARTH-FM. All Garth, all the time.

Even more awkward transition back to rock talk.

**I have a new(ish) music obsession. I decided to take some time and really listen to The Mayfield Four, Myles Kennedy's band before he was in Alter Bridge

Mind blown. Full-on fangirling post to come. 

In my search for info about a younger, not-afraid-to-screw-up-his-voice Kennedy and this band, I came across the "official" music video for "Sick & Wrong." It is hilariously low-budget 2001. But the Myles-wearing-a-shirt to Myles-not-wearing-a-shirt ratio is pretty good. 

Not safe for work/kids. I think the "F" word is in this one song more times than it is in Alter Bridge's whole catalog.

**In anticipation of Slash's upcoming album featuring Myles and the Conspirators this fall, I checked out the video for "You're a Lie," the first single from Apocalyptic Love. Which, I had, surprisingly, never seen:

I liked this song even more after I had a light bulb moment that the lyrics aren't directed at a person. This song is about the negative, self destructive-things you tell yourself. The video definitely drives that home.

**Finally, Mike and I watched Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story, which I recommend if you like awesome rock 'n roll stories, bad hair, and one-armed drummers.

Don't ask me how a work meeting went down that road, but I think I earned some points with my boss by mentioning I watched this one. Enjoy the clip. Ignore the weird subtitles.

Thanks for hanging out with me for awhile!

Rock on,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

You need some Scorpion Child in your life

There is a trend rising--or returning--in rock that I am totally okay with.

Groovy riffs. Straight up rock 'n roll with a '70's stoner vibe. Maybe a little southern. Maybe a little bluesy. Sabbath and Zeppelin influences.

Actual singing.

No breakdowns.

Scorpion Child of Austin, Texas and their debut full length album is a perfect example of why I think the future of rock is looking good...clad in worn out T-shirts, vests, and faded jeans. That aren't necessarily skinny.

They released their self-titled debut album last year:

"The Child," as they are apparently also known as, say their influences range from '70's rock to '80's thrash to blues. If you're a fan of Robert Plant-style vocals, lead singer Aryn Jonathan Black (could the dude's name be any cooler?) will be right up your alley. 

The rest of the band lays down rock-solid grooves to contrast and compliment Black's delivery of lyrics that range from traditional rock themes to straight-up poetry.

King's Highway kicks off Scorpion Child right:

This is the official video for Polygon of Eyes. The verse just races straight at you--and then the anthemic chorus is made for throwing your fist in the air and singing along to the power metal-y lyrics, "I live on the mountain, and dream of the open skies..." 

Other tracks I recommend: The AC/DC leaning The Secret Spot, Red Blood (Where the River Flows), and the very fun In the Arms of Ecstasy. The lyric video for that one is below. My favorite part of this song at about :40. Silence, then "I used to think that my life would end hung over."

I am super stoked to be able to see The Child (calling them that just feels calling Alter Bridge "The Bridge") month in St. Louis with Crobot--another band making some pretty great rock in this style.

Want more from Scorpion Child?