Rough track from Last Contact

The man who married me and turned me into a metal head is a pretty talented mofo on the guitar. His band, Last Contact, is working on new songs as they look to replace their vocalist, who moved to Kansas City.

I am loving the groovier direction of the stuff the guys are coming up with. I have to share this tune they just finished. It's rough, just drums and Mike's guitar. The mix came out quiet, so you'll have to turn it up:

The straight-up rock groove and thrashy bridge seems like the perfect canvas for a cool vocal track. The singer could go with the melody, or do something kinda soaring--or completely different--over it. If I had any musical talent at all, I would have already bullied Mike, Josh, and Brett into letting me front the band. 

You can visit their ReverbNation page to hear more from Last Contact. 

And if you know a singer in the Springfield, Missouri area who is into jamming this kind of rock--and is ready to dive in and play shows ASAP-- please contact Last Contact (yes, I went there) on facebook or Twitter.