You need some Scorpion Child in your life

There is a trend rising--or returning--in rock that I am totally okay with.

Groovy riffs. Straight up rock 'n roll with a '70's stoner vibe. Maybe a little southern. Maybe a little bluesy. Sabbath and Zeppelin influences.

Actual singing.

No breakdowns.

Scorpion Child of Austin, Texas and their debut full length album is a perfect example of why I think the future of rock is looking good...clad in worn out T-shirts, vests, and faded jeans. That aren't necessarily skinny.

They released their self-titled debut album last year:

"The Child," as they are apparently also known as, say their influences range from '70's rock to '80's thrash to blues. If you're a fan of Robert Plant-style vocals, lead singer Aryn Jonathan Black (could the dude's name be any cooler?) will be right up your alley. 

The rest of the band lays down rock-solid grooves to contrast and compliment Black's delivery of lyrics that range from traditional rock themes to straight-up poetry.

King's Highway kicks off Scorpion Child right:

This is the official video for Polygon of Eyes. The verse just races straight at you--and then the anthemic chorus is made for throwing your fist in the air and singing along to the power metal-y lyrics, "I live on the mountain, and dream of the open skies..." 

Other tracks I recommend: The AC/DC leaning The Secret Spot, Red Blood (Where the River Flows), and the very fun In the Arms of Ecstasy. The lyric video for that one is below. My favorite part of this song at about :40. Silence, then "I used to think that my life would end hung over."

I am super stoked to be able to see The Child (calling them that just feels calling Alter Bridge "The Bridge") month in St. Louis with Crobot--another band making some pretty great rock in this style.

Want more from Scorpion Child?


  1. Found your blog via.........Saving Country Music?

    Just kidding, after reading your blog, I get it. There are more of us country metalheads out here than people realize.

    Keep writing. I like your taste in music. Similar to mine in some respects.

    If you care to check it out, I also have a blog:

    I write mostly for my own amusement, but if you're ever bored........

    1. Thank you! I actually also found your blog the other day on Saving Country Music as well! Love the post about "Are you part of the problem?"

      Again, thanks for reading! I always enjoy "meeting" other people who have strong opinions about music.

    2. Thank YOU for reading. And thanks for the compliment.

      I've never reached out to a fellow blogger before, but maybe we, as a community, should be doing more of this. Especially those of us (me) who get very few comments. I know people are reading, but I have no clue if it's a one-time thing and then they never come back because they think it sucks, or if people keep coming back. It's just good to hear some positive feedback.

      If you're on twitter, I'd like to follow you. Mine is @thecheapseats_. And yes that's an underscore at the end.

      I tend to ramble, so that is all. Carry on.

  2. Followed you! I am a huge fan of twitter! I am in the same boat as you are. I see people are reading, but no comments. I think it takes time to build a community, but I'm on board, trying to share and comment on the things I find that I like.

  3. I love twitter. My wife does not see the appeal, But then again, I don't see her reliance on facebook, but we all use social media differently. It's funny, but I get more hits from twitter than I do from facebook and I know, mostly personally, all the people on facebook. But I digress.

    There are a lot of popular blogs that don't have a community sense. Farce the Music is one. But as you know, Saving Country Music is comment driven as is Bring Back Glam (check it out, if you haven't).

    As an aside, I just wish people knew that favoriting on twitter is nice, but retweet, dammint, RETWEET. That's my mini-rant.

    Keep writing. I enjoy reading.


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