Shiprocked 2018: the best vacation EVER

I gave you a lot to read when recapping my epic voyage on Shiprocked 2017, and this year, you can actually watch my lame ass talk about Shiprocked 2018!

I won't bore you with the details of what would end up as a "cool story, bro" moment, but I swear when Corey Taylor made eye contact and said "hi" to me from the lobby stairs, I heard "Song #3" playing...

I didn't talk much about The Stowaways, but they were rockin', as always! Imagine a supergroup of the most epic proportions. We only caught a few songs from the first night, and after checking out this killer set list, I'm kinda bummed about that:

I don't remember which artists were responsible for rocking my world with "Renegade," on Monday, but I know Aranda was part of it. I also know it was SO. Damn. Good.

The second Stowaways show was a tribute to artists we've lost. When you think about all the people we've said goodbye to over the past year: Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Tom Petty, and most recently Dolores O'Riordan, it's no surprise this was a very emotional set.

Everyone on the deck lost their damn minds for "I'm Broken," and "Master of Puppets." Other songs that made my little rock 'n roll heart happy: Boston's "Foreplay/Long Time," (You guys, Gabe Aranda can freaking SING!) and "Won't Back Down."

Madame Mayhem performed a haunting version of "Zombie," before tearing into "Highway to Hell:"

The set closed with a tribute to Chester Bennington. Lukas Rossi sang a stirring version of "Crawling," accompanied only by piano, before the Stowaways led us in Linkin Park's "In the End:"

No words.

You can check out a great video of Nothing More's performance of Fade In/Fade Out here.

I've said it before, but if you have not boarded the Nothing More train--it's time to get on. I can't get over how brilliant songs like "Let Em Burn," and "Do You Really Want It?" are, and I can't describe how empowering it is to sing along with these tunes.

It will be a few weeks before we get our meet and greet pictures back, but I'll be sure to add them here and share them obnoxiously on social media.

I was not coherent enough to fully articulate just how intensely good Stone Sour's shows on Shiprocked were.

Corey Taylor is a master performer...from the first notes of "Taipei Person/Allah Tea" to "30/30-150" "Made of Scars," and "Get Inside," the band's energy was relentless. Singing along to "Say You'll Haunt Me," "Song #3," and "Through Glass" was magical.

The encore was powerful perfection: "Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero," before giving us one more chance to shout "mother f@!ker!" with our favorite foul-mouthed front man during "Fabuless."

Shiprocked really is life-changing. Like I said in the video, we REALLY are a family. Many of us are drawn to rock and metal because we grew up feeling like we just don't belong. And many of us probably still feel that way.

I simply don't have words to describe the freedom of spending 4 days in a world that's just ours. We can wear whatever we want, and our music is playing everywhere.

I mean, where else is this acceptable?

We leave our phones in our cabins and talk about tattoos, our favorite bands, and we share concert stories. Women freely, and sincerely, tell each other we're beautiful. We let loose and sing along. There's only love and smiles and hugs and music.

When we get off the ship, we have to adjust to the real world again...and it kinda sucks. Like, you can't just yell lyrics out at the I learned at the Macaroni Grill at the Orlando airport...

Thanks for watching/reading peeps!

I'm kinda new to the video/YouTube world, but I'm excited about using it to share my passion with you!

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