Monday, March 24, 2014

Ode to tattooed dudes wearing dress shirts

If you know me, it's probably no surprise that I find guys with tattoos super hot.

But something extra special happens when one of these inked-up men don a dress shirt...and roll the sleeves up. You know, so the tattoos show? Like, "hey baby. I'm trying to be serious, but I'm a total rock 'n roll bad boy." Yes, this is a very specific turn on. I am weird. I think you all already knew that.

But it's a crappy Monday so indulge me for a sec:

David Beckham:
Corey Taylor:
James Hetfield:
Myles Kennedy:
(Okay, you can't really see his tattoos here, but they're there...and they're awesome.)

Oh, and my favorite tattooed, dressed up dude:

It's Mike! On our wedding day. Awwww....
If you share this odd obsession with me, There's a tumblr called "tattooed men in suits." Of course there is. You're welcome.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

September 2014 will rock. Because...Slash

Slash said in an interview at South by Southwest that his new album is very likely to come out in September.

So..SLASHtember? Terrible Slash-inspired wordplay aside, (I can think of more, don't worry) this will be my Christmas.

If the above video makes no sense, watch this South Park episode. Unless you're easily offended.

ANYWAY--all indications show that this upcoming Slash w/ Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators album is going to be friggin' sweet:

Bassist Todd Kerns wrote a bit about the album earlier this year, saying it's going to be, "sleazier, tougher, and more dangerous." My three favorite adjectives.

It's being produced by Elvis Baskette, who also produced Alter Bridge's latest masterpiece Fortress.

Ernie Ball is blessing us music nerds with a really cool behind the scenes series about the making of the album called "Real to Reel with Slash." I look forward to these almost as much as I look forward to new episodes of Nashville:

And though we can (and I DO) whine about how digital and social media developments are hurting and dumbing down the music industry, there is an upside. Apparently these guys keep hours similar to mine, because I get adorable-ness like this on my facebook feed at 3:00 am:

"1st vocal done. Slash, Brent & Todd's tracks sound amazing. Couldn't be happier with how things sound." via Myles Kennedy's facebook page.
Rock on!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Road Trip Review: Turnpike Troubadours in Tulsa 3/8/14

For my 30th (Gross) birthday, Mike took me on a little road trip to Tulsa, OK to see one of our favorite bands--probably my FAVORITE country band, The Turnpike Troubadours. My sweet dude even booked us a fancy room on the top floor of our hotel near downtown.

It was really nice to get away from Springfield for a night, see some great music, and take a Sunday morning walk downtown to try out my new big girl camera. Because relying on your phone to take pictures is for people in their 20's.

Nice view.
This was my third time getting my country on with Turnpike Troubadours, and it was by far the best of their shows I've seen. This sold out gig was apparently a huge deal for them. Lead singer Evan Felker talked about how it was their dream to sell out Cain's Ballroom...and after they did that, they wanted to sell out the--much bigger--Brady Theater.

And they did. It's a 2800 seat venue! They genuinely looked stoked to be playing there. With the exception of some jackasses fighting in the front (where I, thankfully, was not), the vibe was really fun. I'm glad I got to be a part of such a special night for a band that I love. 

Chris Knight and John Fullbright opened up the concert. I have heard a lot of positive buzz about Knight in the underground country world. However, the sound during his set was horrible. I couldn't understand anything he said. Fullbright was impressive, though. He puts a very blues-y spin on folk. He reminded me of an Americana Jason Mraz. 

The Troubadours killed it. I've written about their music before, so I won't repeat myself. But they were tighter and had much more energy this time. 

This is a (record) version of one of my favorite Turnpike Troubadours songs, "Down on Washington." I love it because it's catchy and country. And when they played Springfield last year, Felker said this was written about "a place like--what was it called? Centerfolds!"

I did not bring my camera into the theater, but we took a nice, cool spring morning walk around downtown Tulsa and took some pictures the next day:

Every band playing that night--hilarious.
So I usually end my enthralling concert posts with a look at what musical madness is next for the Winchels:

Next month's road trip to Dallas will include some artists and venues I'm so pumped about: Wade Bowen at Billy Bob's Texas ("the world's largest honky tonk")...Anvil at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill (ran by Richard Rawlings, of the Discovery Channel show Fast and Loud)...and Alter Bridge at The House of Blues

Each one of these will require a very different outfit.