Ode to tattooed dudes wearing dress shirts

If you know me, it's probably no surprise that I find guys with tattoos super hot.

But something extra special happens when one of these inked-up men don a dress shirt...and roll the sleeves up. You know, so the tattoos show? Like, "hey baby. I'm trying to be serious, but I'm a total rock 'n roll bad boy." Yes, this is a very specific turn on. I am weird. I think you all already knew that.

But it's a crappy Monday so indulge me for a sec:

David Beckham:

Corey Taylor:

James Hetfield:

Myles Kennedy:

(Okay, you can't really see his tattoos here, but they're there...and they're awesome.)

Oh, and my favorite tattooed, dressed up dude:

It's Mike! On our wedding day. Awwww....
If you share this odd obsession with me, There's a tumblr called "tattooed men in suits." Of course there is. You're welcome.