September 2014 will rock. Because...Slash

Slash said in an interview at South by Southwest that his new album is very likely to come out in September.

So..SLASHtember? Terrible Slash-inspired wordplay aside, (I can think of more, don't worry) this will be my Christmas.

If the above video makes no sense, watch this South Park episode. Unless you're easily offended.

ANYWAY--all indications show that this upcoming Slash w/ Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators album is going to be friggin' sweet:

Bassist Todd Kerns wrote a bit about the album earlier this year, saying it's going to be, "sleazier, tougher, and more dangerous." My three favorite adjectives.

It's being produced by Elvis Baskette, who also produced Alter Bridge's latest masterpiece Fortress.

Ernie Ball is blessing us music nerds with a really cool behind the scenes series about the making of the album called "Real to Reel with Slash." I look forward to these almost as much as I look forward to new episodes of Nashville:

And though we can (and I DO) whine about how digital and social media developments are hurting and dumbing down the music industry, there is an upside. Apparently these guys keep hours similar to mine, because I get adorable-ness like this on my facebook feed at 3:00 am:

"1st vocal done. Slash, Brent & Todd's tracks sound amazing. Couldn't be happier with how things sound." via Myles Kennedy's facebook page.
Rock on!