Random 'net finds OR things I've been too tired to share until now

It seems like four years since I left my job producing newscasts in Springfield, Missouri for a job making the wheels turn as magic happens at Springfield's Gillioz Theatre. However, only four months have passed. Pursuing your dream job is hard work, and eventually, anything becomes just a job. It becomes necessary to remind myself that in the midst of invoices and settlements and learning by screwing up and the challenges of holding modern events in a 90-year-old landmark--I am blessed with a career I have wanted since I was a goofy teenager.

An unspoken code of privacy and a local media (friggin' local media!) hungry for news from the Gilly prevent this goofy adult from sharing her adventures. Maybe someday!

For now, I'll return you to our regularly scheduled programming of things I've been enjoying. Which are completely unrelated to each other:

**Richie Kotzen, who, until recently, was "that guy from The Winery Dogs" to me, has a killer catalog of tunes. He recently released a double album, The Essential Richie Kotzen....a great mix of rock with a bluesy flair--and a strong R&B vibe that really sets it apart.

This playlist starts off with "War Paint," a new song, recorded just for the greatest hits collection:

Fun fact: it's rumored that Kotzen was kicked out of Poison for sleeping with the drummer's girl. Richie's music is so darn sexy, I'm not surprised the formerly-soon-to-be Mrs. Rikki Rockett gave in to temptation.

I definitely recommend Kotzen's music if you are a rock fan looking for something a little different.

**One of Slash's Conspirators, bassist Todd Kerns, writes a super fun blog I'm a bit addicted to.

Check it oot (he's Canadian) here.

Kerns rocking out at the Voodo Lounge in KC in July
Todd is a huge reason a Slash, Myles Kennedy, and the Conspirators show is so much fun:

And I am absolutely loving this Todd solo song:

**Finally, in the spirit of mixing it up around here, if your tastes lean more to the country side, one of my favorite music sites, Saving Country Music, has been publishing some great end of the year lists:

SCM's 50 essential albums of 2014
SCM's 2014 song of the year nominees

I am pretty much a rock chick these days. Country just isn't doing it for me. But I dig Trigger's song of the year selections. My pick is from (former?) Hellbound Glory singer/songwriter/badass Leon Virgil Bowers:

This guy.

I don't know if it's bad luck, bad karma, or Leon's own self that's keeping him from being treated as Nashville's greatest treasure. I am convinced Bowers will be appreciated as deep and wide as he deserves someday. Maybe when bro-country dies, or maybe much later. His songs are what true country should be: clever yet touching, unique yet relatable, putting you in a story without beating you over the head with too many words. He's got a voice that tells those stories so well. Pair that with a gift for writing soul-touching melodies. Too much goodness.

I swear if you check him out now, your inner hipster (don't argue, we all have one) will thank me when LVB is the coolest underground dude everyone's heard of.

Thanks, friends, for taking some time to read my ramblings.

Much love,

Mrs. W