Alter Bridge/The Pageant/St. Louis/10-16

Yes, I'm still alive.

How very "Carrie" of me to go blog-silent for two months, and then return to posting on my little corner of the internet with a write-up about...Alter Bridge.

My schedule has been crazy. I was apparently born with an interest in careers no sane person would dare try. This means I get to do some cool stuff and meet some amazing people. But it also forces me to put my life on hold periodically. 

However, I was able to indulge myself for about 12 hours this last Thursday, for a trip to The Pageant in St. Louis. Yes, this is my third time seeing Alter Bridge on the Fortress tour this year. No, I am not interested in getting help for my addiction to this band.

The Pageant seems like a really great venue. I wish I had more of a chance to walk around and check it out, but my main objective was snagging some real estate in the Myles-Kennedy-eye-contact-zone of the pit area. 

The first band, The Cringe, was decent. Not really my thing. I'd say they have more of a pop/indie rock vibe than what I would choose to listen to, but their set was enjoyable.

Up nextCalifornia Breed had me--and the rest of the audience--dancing and grooving and smiling during their entire set. California Breed is fronted by Glenn Hughes, of Deep Purple. If you have never heard of Cali Breed, I absolutely recommend you check them out. 

If you have never heard of Deep Purple, then you should stop reading my dumb blog, and go hear of Deep Purple.

Glenn Hughes
I was aware of California Breed, but didn't have a chance to listen to them before this show. Hughes is a phenomenally talented vocalist. Not talented for his age. Talented period. It was pretty obvious later in the show that the guys in Alter Bridge are honored to have a legend like Hughes on tour with them.
Andrew Watt, California Breed's guitarist, is also really great. He tore through some impressive solos, and kept the rocking riffs coming throughout the set, which included "Midnight Oil," "The Way," and "Spit You Out" from their self titled album.

Andrew Watt
I would probably describe Cali Breed's sound as a classic British rock/metal, with some Velvet Revolver-style attitude thrown in there. 

And then--my boys. On a personal level, this night meant so much to me. I have been working very hard, so that other people can have goosbumps and memories and sing along to their favorite songs. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life. But, my spirit and my soul needed some AB...and to attend a concert.

I don't think anything will match the "magic" of my very first Alter Bridge concert at the House of Blues in Dallas. But, objectively, this show at The Pageant was definitely the best I've seen the band.

Myles was in such a kooky-good mood. He told stories--one was after some guy in the audience was apparently getting SO into the lyrics of "Brand New Start" that it made Myles laugh in the middle of the song and forget the words. Myles then told us about his first concert, Sammy Hagaar, and how he head banged so hard he had a headache for weeks...thinking, "what if Sammy could see me rocking out all the way back here?" He also talked about spending the day in a record store near The Pageant, and how he thought the people there probably thought he was creepy because he spent so much time in there.

Myles was also smiling throughout the entire show. One of the reasons his superfans love him is he knows he's blessed to be able to play music for a living, and he doesn't seem to take it for granted. Mr. Kennedy sounded amazing. I think this was the strongest I've heard his voice at any of the Fortress shows I've seen.

Check out the set list, pics, and videos.

And I did  pick a killer spot for myself and Mr. Kennedy to sing to each other. That guy is so good at connecting with the audience.

So, I've gushed about AB plenty...and this set list was nothing out of the ordinary. So, I'm going to do something different, and make note of some of the fun, little things I noticed during the show instead.

*The girl standing next to me was incredibly sweet, and I instantly became a huge fan of her when she all but demanded to see my ID because she didn't believe I'm 30. I love making friends at AB shows! This chick cracked me up when she yelled at Myles to, "take your shirt off!" He didn't acknowledge her, but he had to have heard.

*More hilarious--but inappropriately timed--heckling: a guy to my left yelled "Play some Steel Dragon!" (If you don't get that, watch the movie Rock Star.) The guy yelled this, however, while Myles was playing the little guitar part he plays before the intro to "Blackbird."

*Because of where I was standing, and the fact that I had a tall guy to my right, I didn't have a very good view of Mark, however...I was able to notice that he's pretty dang buff:

During "Waters Rising"
I mean, check out those arms...

*A couple people on twitter said they had noticed the same thing...but Myles was totally chewing gum during the show. I don't know what he did with it while he was singing, but when he was playing solos, it was super obvious he was really chomping away.

*I'm also pretty sure Myles went over to the side of the stage and Germ-Ex-ed his hands after he touched some of the people in the front row. Adorable.

*I know most venues/tours only let pro photographers shoot the first two or three songs. It's funny to notice what the guys do for those photo ops. Myles only wore his blazer during that time. That was also the only time Mark played his completely bad ass painted guitar.

I've said it before, and it sounds cliche, but to me, nothing compares to seeing Alter Bridge live. 

This band's music has given me the courage and confidence to break free of the guilt and uncertainty I grew up with--to believe that there is good in me, and that I can feel good about it--that, after so many years of trying to fit in where I don't belong, I can be myself and chase my dreams and passions. My spirit gets more out of singing AB's songs with fellow fans than I ever did at any church service.

So, I have to share one more moment from the evening. I am one blessed gal to say I got plenty of Myles-singing-to-me time. I'm even more blessed I have a husband who is totally cool with my Kennedy crush.

At the very end of the show, when the boys were taking their bow, Myles looked at me, and I put my hand over my heart, pointed at him, and said, "love you!" (you know, as much as you can love your favorite singer who you don't really know...) I got a nod, a sweet smile, and...I'm going to say at least 7 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact. My heart melted, and a week later, I am still walking around with a mushy, melty heart. And an annoyed husband because I have asked him if he saw it about a hundred times.

Thanks for reading my Alter Bridge love-fest! Again. This one was more for just me, because I never want to forget these moments. Nights like these are what make my life worth living...and now they're why I work my ass off. I hope some of the people who see shows at the Gillioz in Springfield are able to feel the way I do seeing Alter Bridge.

I also hope I find the time and motivation to get back to regular blogging again.

Were you at the St. Louis show? Do you have some fun moments to share!? Please do!

Keep rockin'

--Mrs. W


  1. I stopped reading, but will finish, just to say: Best line I've ever read in a long time. "If you don't know Deep Purple, stop reading my dumb blog." Classic.

    *Goes back to reading*


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