Alter Bridge with Monster Truck/House of Blues/Dallas

If you would like to watch me ramble for five minutes about meeting Alter Bridge, check out the video above. You can also make a drinking game out of how many times I say "basically" and/or "fantastic."

There are some great videos and pictures from this show at Alter Bridge Nation.

First--if you haven't heard of Monster Truck, and you're a fan of straight-up rock with a southern, bluesy feel...check them out, like, yesterday. Mike and I had listened to their album a few times once we heard they were opening this tour, and we definitely dig them. They were great live. High energy, dirty rock 'n roll. And so. Many. Beards!

Their set is even more impressive knowing they had just returned to the states from Europe (where they were touring with Scorpion Child--I would have loved to see that show!)

When Alter Bridge hit the stage, I felt like we were all already BFF's...since I had just met them and all.

I did not keep track of the set list, but luckily someone did!

As I mentioned, Addicted to Pain was a perfect opener. White Knuckles kept the amazing energy going. The beginning of that song is fast and brutal and awesome. And then Come to Life--another great, fist-pumping rocker.

Myles Kennedy sounded amazing--duh--but better than on some of the live videos I've seen. He seemed really into the songs--holding notes out longer--more like the album versions. Mike (who's a guitar player and pays attention to the musical/technical side of things more than I do) said he was impressed to see in person how talented Myles is on the guitar.

Of course, Mark Tremonti was also incredible. As a non-musician, Alter Bridge is one of the only bands I've found where the music speaks to me almost as much as the vocals or the lyrics--really telling a story. I loved seeing Mark shred on the guitar...and make his entertaining guitar faces. Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips make a great rhythm section.

Cry of Achilles, Calm the FireTies That Bind, and Metalingus were other highlights for me. I was really happy to hear Calm the Fire. It's one of my favorite songs on Fortress. I love the message--especially when I think about some of the messed up things happening in the world. If I could take over the media like a movie super villain, I'd blast that song from every speaker on the planet.

Waters Rising proved to be a crowd favorite. We all apparently love hearing Mark sing. (his band Tremonti is working on their second album!) Anyway, Waters Rising is dark and powerful. It sounded so killer at this show.

Any good Alter Bridge fan knows what's coming up when the stool and acoustic guitar hit the stage. The ladies in the audience freak the eff out! But seriously, singing along with Watch Over You was pretty freaking sweet.

And then--Rise Today. Probably my favorite Alter Bridge song. I think it's perfect. I love how it starts off slow...builds to the huge chorus...and then the second verse kicks in with that punch. I use this song as a kind of personal mantra. (If I'm having a "be bitchy or be beautiful" moment, I'm probably repeating, "rise today and change this world" in my head) Singing this song with other diehard AB fans right back to the band made my soul happy.

Encore: Isolation. This song might be perfect as well.

Then, Open Your Eyes made for a great closer. And, um, okay, I cried.

As someone who pretty much lives and breathes music--and doesn't have many people in my life who identify with that--it was an emotional, beautiful experience to be sharing this concert with other people who love Alter Bridge. Their music inspires, motivates, challenges me, and makes me feel understood when I think I'm alone in my world. Which is quite often. I've never felt like I fit in anywhere--except when it comes to music.

But somehow, I was blessed with this mothertrucker who totally gets me!
This being my first time seeing Alter Bridge, I was kind of afraid the experience wouldn't live up to my expectations. But it exceeded them. I have never seen a band connect with an audience the way they do. I think that's mostly because of Myles Kennedy. He makes eye contact, gives 110%, and just seems so humble.

It could be because I was so close to the stage, or because I had just met them, but it didn't feel like we were watching the guys perform. It felt like we were all a part of something. I could tell they appreciated us and were enjoying the experience--not just going through the motions.

Okay, I think I'm done! Thanks for reading...and if you're an AB fan, please hit me up on facebook or twitter. I'd love to "meet" you!

For a review of the AB show in Houston the day after the Dallas gig--and reasons why America is crazy-- check out Artist Direct's write up.