Mayfield Four Monday: Week Six

It's been a few weeks since we've had a Mayfield Four Monday. But it's not like there's been a shortage of Myles Kennedy talk.

This week, I'm highlighting the lead-off tracks of both Fallout and Second Skin.

From 1998's Fallout, this is "Shuddershell:"

Why I love this song: It does rock--not as much as "Sick and Wrong" below--but my favorite Myles moments feature heavy music, and his insane vocal talent. This song has some good vocal moments.

If you're an MK fan, you know what I'm talking about. Those times you just have to stop, and look at the speakers while tilting your head like my dog does when I ask if he wants to go for a walk.

(If you want to geek out over Mr. Kennedy's talent even more, check out this What Culture article.)

I also dig the lyrics to "Shuddershell." I love the line "so self aware/It's a burden."

 And from 2001's Second Skin, one of my favorite Mf4 songs, "Sick and Wrong:"

Why I love this song: It's rockin' and sexy and angsty. I absolutely love it. There's a wildness and a passion in this song that fits with the story of the lyrics so well.

I've shared this before, but here's the low-budget, low-shirt-wearing music video for "Sick and Wrong." You're welcome:

I dare you to tell me that didn't make your Monday better.

--Mrs. W.