This week's 'net finds OR What I read/watch instead of doing housework

*Jack White is releasing a new solo album, Lazaretto. This is the title track:

It's so cool it hurts.

I have a weird thing with Jack White. I am a huge fan of pretty much every project he's involved in. I love dirty, guitar-driven blues-rock. But for some reason, nothing has ever grabbed me enough to make me want to surround myself with it. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not hipster enough?

Rolling Stone featured an in-depth look at White last month. Some highlights can be found here.
Trigger over at Saving Country Music did a thoughtful and well-written piece on White: On the Deconstruction of Jack White.

*Metal Injection made every '90's MTV kid's dream come true by posting The Top 22 BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD Metal Video Reviews.

Beavis and Butthead seems to be a something only people around my age (30-ish) find funny. I have talked to coworkers who were born in the '90's and they think it's the dumbest thing ever. 

It is, but that doesn't mean it isn't hilarious. 

If you've watched Beavis and Butthead on Netflix or Hulu, you know the music videos are not included in the episodes. The videos--featuring the guys' idiotic commentary--are considered the best part of the show by many. That is why you should click the link above and spend an hour laughing your ass off, buttmunch.

*The CMT Awards were last week. I love to hate-watch and hate-tweet these things, but I was at work and don't have cable. The only thing I really cared about was this:

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm joined Eric Church for the song "That's Damn Rock & Roll," from his latest album The Outsiders

Every time I hear Lzzy sing, I get goosebumps or come close to crying. She has such a beautiful, raw passion in her voice.

I'm "meh" on the song itself. The chorus sounds like something that has already been done by people pushing the country-rock envelope. And I think we need to leave the talk-singing to Johnny Cash. However, the performance was fun to watch, and I like the lyrics.

Halestorm will be touring with Church on a few dates this fall...and so will...Dwight Yoakam? It will be interesting to see how that goes for all involved. 

*Rock am Ring, a four-day music festival in Germany was held over the weekend. In a #YayTechnology moment, Mike and I spent a very productive Sunday watching Avenged Sevenfold's and Metallica's sets from our comfy couch in Missouri. 

A--likely unattainable-- dream of ours is to go to Europe and festival all summer. From everything I've heard and read, people don't "outgrow" music fandom over there like they do in the U.S....and rock and metal is still king. Sigh. 

Here is Alter Bridge's set at Rock am Ring. Awesome and rockin':

You can get yourself some Metallica here.

*Finally, the SLASHticipation grows. The title track from Slash, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators will be released in full soon, but we got a 30 second clip over the weekend:


I really don't want to judge a song after 30 seconds, but I like what I hear and can't wait for more! All indications point to this follow up to Apocalyptic Love being more upbeat, heavy, dirty, and fun.