The newest Alter Bridge song is perfect in my ears

I've been a bad and lazy blogger lately...and I'm sure my seven readers have been just waiting for my take on the upcoming Alter Bridge album, The Last Hero.

Honestly, I haven't found that much inspiration in the first two songs the band has released from the album. I mean, "My Champion" and "Show Me A Leader" are solid tunes, but no goosebumps, no fire. Plus, I have built a world for myself online that surrounds me with AB. (Myles pics in my facebook feed all day every day? Yes please) I just didn't feel like I had anything to add to the discussion. BUT, this third release from The Last Hero smacked me in the face and made me pret-ty freaking excited for October 7.

Bow down, peeps...this is "Poison in Your Veins:"

Yaasss! YES! This is what I was expecting:

Lyrics that cut deep. Dammit Myles, you see into my soul.

Sexy guitar effects. Right before the chorus? Damn, son. There's a lot going on here musically and I hear a new little nugget of Tremonti goodness with each listen. (Can we make #NuggetOfTremontiGoodness a twitter thing asap?)

Speaking of that chorus--catchy as hell.

A bad ass guitar solo. Enough said.

This shit is my new anthem. Color me #Obsessed. The more I listen to "Poison in Your Veins," the more I love it. I simply must sing along with this song, from the front row, while making eye contact with Brian and Myles. *Longing teenage girl sigh*

So I'm late to the full-on-fangirl mode party with The Last Hero, but I'm there.

If you need me any time during the next two weeks, I'll just be over here attempting to appear productive and engaged in life while I'm actually just thinking about Alter Bridge.

--Mrs. W.