Springfield Show Amp Up: Red Sun Rising

Red Sun Rising hits the Outland Ballroom on June 10, so in order to prepare for obnoxiously singing along, and indulging my obsession with throwing the horns at the perfect moments in a song, I am checking out their album, Polyester Zeal this week.

Your girl is pleasantly surprised by this album. There's a ton of variety on Polyester Zeal, and there's also a truckload of emotion here. The singing, lyrics, riffage, and melodies touch that nerve music is supposed to touch. It will keep you guessing and will give you chills.

"Push" is a high-energy rock track that kicks off the album and definitely made me want to keep listening. "Amnesia" would have been right at home in the '90's rock scene, especially the pre-chorus.

"Otherside," which you've probably heard on Q102, starts with a verse that is very Alice In Chains, then leads into a chorus that will offer the perfect chance for me to employ my aforementioned sing along skills at the show:

"Emotionless" is also getting a lot of love on Q. I love the lyrics in this one:

Lead singer, Mike Protich, has a really interesting, captivating voice. "Blister" shows this off perfectly. "Worlds Away" is another standout.

You have to hear the opening 30 seconds to "Awake." It rocks. "Bliss" is another example of variety on this album. It starts off  as an acoustic number, then turns into a full-on lighters-in-the-air rock anthem. "Imitation" closes us out on a stellar note--great message, and a more aggressive performance.

I really see big things for these guys, and I'm looking forward to following their career. It's obvious they're intensely dedicated to the art of songwriting, and they've got that rock mixed with melody thing down.

I'm having a hard time categorizing RSR or comparing them to other artists, so trust me on this one-- if you've liked what you've heard from Red Sun Rising so far, Polyester Zeal won't disappoint. Check it out and let me know what you think...and I'd love to rock out with you on Friday!

--Mrs. W.

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  1. girl, I am in LOVE with Red sun rising!!! I think I played emotionless about 30 times on repeat! It's my favorite track. :) :) Miss you!


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