Red Sun Rising/T.R.O.Y. Outland Ballroom 6/10/16

The Outland Ballroom is a hot and sweaty place in the summer. Steamy. Just embrace it, because you're all a hot mess and everyone is just getting lost in the music.

Red Sun Rising cut through that thick, humid Springfield air with "Push" Friday night. We were in the palm of their hands immediately. Singer Mike Protich makes it difficult to look away from the stage, even for a second. Even when you need a drink of your sweet, icy vodka cranberry. Did I mention it was hot?

By the end of that first song, the band was just as sweaty as the rest of us.

"The Otherside" hit early in the set. Singing along with my Friday night family gave me chills.

This is my church, guys:

"Amnesia" is going to be Red Sun Rising's next single. They said it's a perfect song for summer, and I agree. It's a super catchy tune about seizing the moment: "Life should be touched not choked to death."

The stage setup and lighting really worked for this show. As Protich sang the beginning of the second verse of "My Muse," he stepped up onto one of the risers. The lights behind him and the fog and the music just came together in this perfect little moment. "Your masquerade it never changed/you wear your mask in the dark..." Magic. One of those moments I'd like to bottle up and keep forever.

RSR covering Alanis Morrisette's "Uninvited" is apparently a huge fan favorite. This acoustic version is fantastic, but does not hold a candle to the electric version we saw at the Outland Ballroom. Guitarist Dave McGarry's harmonizing with Protich is beautiful. This song live was haunting. Stunning. Dreamlike.

"Blister" gives Protich a major chance to shine...there are front men who can sing...then there are front men who can SING. True vocalists. This guy has a "holy shit" kind of voice.

Before "Blister," Protich talked about writing the song years ago, and gave a shout out to the local bands who opened the show. This would be a good time to mention I noticed both guitar players, Dave and Ryan, came out and watched T.R.O.Y.'s set. That's pretty damn cool.

"Bliss" is another "wow" vocal song:

Obviously, that video is not from Friday, but it's good quality.

It's been awhile since I've been this excited about a band. Red Sun Rising really doesn't sound like anyone else. That's why they're so refreshing. The song "Imitation" not only rocked the Ballroom Friday, I'm guessing it's a mantra for RSR. ("Imitation is suicide...") They are definitely making their own way and I can't wait to see where they go. Hopefully somewhere with air conditioning.

These guys next to me were head banging like this the entire show:

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At the height of our "hot yoga" sultry rock 'n roll bonding session, the band's current single "Emotionless" closed out the show as everyone in the room sang along. Also, we are a bunch of dicks and didn't catch Protich when he jumped from the stage. I wasn't standing in that particular spot, so don't blame me. I would have caught him. Because I may or may not think he's adorable.

Don't worry, Myles fangirl heart is big enough for both of you.

Red Sun Rising's music is catchy and cool enough to enjoy on a nice drive or just to rock out to...but in Polyester Zeal they've also given us something you can listen to over and over-- really dig in and find something new to appreciate with each spin. Most artists today don't achieve both.

It's T.R.O.Y.'s fault we were already hot and sweaty when Red Sun Rising hit the stage. The local favorites definitely deserve the attention and success they are receiving. Thrashy riffs, peppered with just enough solos and little guitar licks to keep things interesting. Plenty of people in the crowd wore T.R.O.Y. T-shirts, and I could feel the love in the room as they performed their original tune "The Reckoning." T.R.O.Y. also turned in a pretty killer "War Pigs" cover. If you aren't from Springfield, or you haven't drank the T.R.O.Y. Kool Aid yet, I encourage you to check these guys out.


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Also--shout out to the other local bands who played Friday night: Subject to Loss, The Final Piece, and Seirenes.

Q102 hosted a Rock Room Session with Red Sun Rising earlier Friday afternoon. If you didn't catch it on the radio, RSR sang "The Otherside" and "Emotionless," and shared the stories behind the songs.

Cue my inner struggle of how much eye contact to make with the band. Goal: #InterestedButNotCreepy

I'm really thankful I was able to be a part of this intimate performance. It was a rad experience.

Keep on rocking, Springfield! Hope to see you at the next show!

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