A few songs I'm obsessed with

I'm not in the mood to screw around. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Anthrax: "Breathing Lightning"
Okay, there's no official video for this one yet, so I had to pull a live video. I think we all know crappy cell phone concert video is...crappy cell phone concert video. But take my word for it--this song is epic. It's heavy, catchy, soaring, magical metal. It takes away the constant sting I feel about being born too late to enjoy thrash metal's glory days.

Anthrax's For All Kings has pretty much been on repeat in the Mrs. W-mobile for weeks. Another killer track, "Blood Eagle Wings," does have an official video. But you'll have to look it up yourself. I'm not posting it here. It's mildly nightmare-inducing.

Ghost: "From the Pinnacle to the Pit"
I heard "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" for the first time yesterday morning on Q102. I drive to work at 3:00 am, so, you know, Papa Emeritus III's creepy Swedish face is exactly what I want to think about while driving alone on a dark highway. (I don't have the energy to explain Ghost. Check out their Wikipedia page) This song flows between sludgy, Sabbath-style guitars, and high-pitched solos. I dig it.

Avatar: "Let it Burn"
Of all the tunes on my list, this is the one I am most obsessed with. I listened to "Let it Burn" three times in a row the other day on my way to hot yoga. You'll find it on the band's album Black Waltz.

A rolling, almost country-rock, riff picks you up and shoots you into this mesmerizing musical heaven. Then there's the delightfully creepy Manson-esque verse. The bridge brings the headbanging metal in the best way possible. (around 2:10) Frankly, I can't even with this song. Just listen to it already.

Tremonti: "Dust"
Okay, I'm actually not obsessed with this song. But I'm obsessed with what it means: I'm about a month away from holding and loving and cuddling my very own copy of Tremonti's new record.

This is the title track. I don't hate it. It sounds like Blackbird-era Alter Bridge to me. Which isn't a bad thing. (I mean, who do you think you're talking to?) But I want my Tremonti to rock. Hard. A lot of people seem to really like it, so what do I know?
I have no doubt "Dust" will fit just fine in the context of the whole album for me.

These little teasers give another taste of what to expect, and are much more thrashtastic:

Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening!)

--Mrs W.

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