Monster Truck/Sittin Heavy

If you're hungry for a big, juicy, meaty slab of rock 'n roll, I have two words for you: Monster Truck.

The band's new album Sittin Heavy is the perfect follow up to Furiosity. The guitar riffs hit harder, and the songs and lyrics are killer.

That's evident from the first moment of the first track, the aptly titled, "Why Are You Not Rocking?" The guitar rolls through riffs and grinds out a chorus while Jon Harvey's voice begs for a live audience to chant along. Harvey lets loose with some screaming toward the end of this track--love it.

"Don't Tell Me How To Live" continues the defiant, rock 'n roll attitude, with a dirty verse and a soaring chorus over some cool guitar work. I could talk about the kick ass riffage, but lets just assume that comes standard from here on out. Guitarist Jeremy Widerman is a riff machine. A machine.

"She's A Witch" should be the soundtrack to every bearded man's heartbreak. "For the People" is a southern rock-style anthem about unity and peace, featuring a guitar lick that makes you feel like you're riding on a hilly road on a perfect, sunny day.

"Black Forest" offers a bluesy, but still rocking break from the high energy. Widerman's guitar grinds while Harvey gives an emotional performance. "Another Man's Shoes" is a slow burner...the verses just let the bass and drums take the spotlight before a riff that just punches you in the face. But, you know, a punch you actually like. "Things Get Better" is another southern-style rocker. "The Enforcer" and "To The Flame" have a bit of a darker vibe. These two remind me more of the stuff on Monster Truck's first album.

"New Soul" is a fun, ZZ-Top-esque declaration of love. What girl would say no to a bro singing, "Diamond woman/give me your love?"

"Enjoy the Time" is a reminder that life sucks, but we should "enjoy the times we have/before they're gone away." Harvey does an amazing job singing this one. It's got a melody that just brings up that little lump in your throat. 

Something that doesn't get mentioned enough these days is an album's packaging. I am kind of obsessed with the way Monster Truck approached this for Sittin Heavy. The front is a denim jacket. (see above) But each song has it's own logo--you can see that in the lyric sheet, and on the back is the back of the jacket, with the patches representing each song. Maybe it's because I'm a nerd, but I think this is really clever and cool. The liner notes credit Monster Truck with the layout and design, so they are evidently even more awesome than I thought.

Sittin Heavy is a must if you're a fan of rock, southern rock, or really, just good music. These songs were made for two things: driving around town like a mother effing bad ass... and singing along at a concert while those riffs make you realize that you've never felt feelings until that amp fired up. I am monumentally bummed that Monster Truck's only date near me (St. Louis) is on a weeknight during a month I can't ask off work.

"Rock and roll might save your life, might save your life tonight,"

--Mrs W.


  1. I'm planning on doing something on this record myself. It's like 90's Soundgarden/STP meets heavy 70's rock. Good stuff.


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