Goodbye, Scott

I was waiting to get my paycheck today so I could buy a ticket to see Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts at The Regency in Springfield next week.

That show was cancelled yesterday morning. Last night we found out why.

I have no personal experience with addiction, so I can't speak to what may or may not have lead to his death. What I can speak to after looking at my friends' social media posts: the music Weiland leaves behind had a huge impact on people my age.

Stone Temple Pilots hit big when I was an preteen, sitting in my room breaking house rules by watching MTV and VH1 all day. (Back when those channels played music videos...rock music videos even)

STP's music defies genre--some lump it in with grunge. I've argued with someone over whether or not the band should be blamed for "butt rock."

I say we all just love those solid riffy guitars jangling under Weiland's killer, instantly memorable melodies. Each STP song gives you highs, lows, and surprising bursts of energy. I think that's why they still sound good. As many times as I've heard "Interstate Love Song" or "Plush" or "Sex Type Thing," I will NOT change the station when an STP song plays on the radio.

"Vasoline" is the perfect dark, driving '90's song.

"Plush" is a soaring classic. It always makes me smile because my old friend Daniel would sing it at karaoke nights.

"Sex Type Thing" is kinda rapey. But I still think this growly, bad ass tune is sexy.

Later, Weiland teamed up with several members of Guns 'n Roses to form Velvet Revolver--arguably the last true rock 'n roll band to really hit big. "Slither" may be my favorite rock song ever. I've listened to it three times this morning.

"She Builds Quick Machines" is another example of the pure rock magic that happened when Weiland teamed up with Slash, Duff and Matt.

My husband informed me there are some people at our workplace who do not know anything about STP or Velvet Revolver, and therefore have no idea who Scott Weiland was. If you are one of those people, listen to these songs on Rolling Stone's list of 20 Essential Scott Weiland tracks. Now.

I hope Scott is at peace.  I hope those close to him have memories of good times to hold onto. He was an amazing front man.