KC Rockfest 2015 Preview

Yes, last year I said I didn't think I'd attend Rockfest again. Too many people were packed into Liberty Memorial Park, making it difficult to move from stage to stage. An early afternoon rainstorm left much of the ground a muddy mess...so there was nowhere to sit and rest my old lady feet.

Nope--not sitting in that.
Sidenote: I am glad Mike and I opted out of Rocklahoma this year. Yikes!

Now that I know what to expect, I will make sure the Winchels are better prepared for the Rockfest madness in 2015.

My must-see acts this year:


I've written about Crobot on Mrs. W Rocks before. Their first album, Something Supernatural, is worth a listen, though I feel it suffers from a lack of variety. Nowhere to Hide is definitely my favorite Crobot tune:


Halestorm's new album, Into the Wild Life, is a must-listen for fans of Lzzy and the gang. The first listen left me disappointed the slow/mid-tempo tracks outnumbered the heavier rockers...but the album has grown on me. I cannot wait to see Halestorm rock some of the newer songs now that I know them. "I Like it Heavy" is one I will be singing along with:

Nothing More:

I don't get this band. It seems like even critics who don't like radio rock (or "Butt Rock," if you're into using the word "butt" as an adjective) are saying this band is the next big thing. To me, Nothing More blends into the generic white noise of Active Rock radio. I have heard they put on a unique, engaging live show. That doesn't mean their music is good. I am willing to have my mind changed, so I want to see what all the fuss is about.


This band has been around for so long, I find their back catalog overwhelming. I haven't spent too much time there. Their latest full length album, Worship Music, is one of my favorite albums, maybe ever. Power Metal-inspired vocals and killer melodies over brutal, heavy, yet groovy, guitar riffs:

Even if you don't know metal or Anthrax, you will probably recognize guitarist Scott Ian. He has been featured on pretty much every VH1 "I Love the..." show, as well as many, many music documentaries.

Rob Zombie:

If you like one Rob Zombie song, you probably like them all. His style definitely falls into the rock realm, but mixes in electronic elements. You can dance to a Rob Zombie song, or head bang to it. Or both! I am hoping he brings the big guns, and we get the full effect of his insane, creepy stage show at Rockfest.

I am also stoked to see his guitar player, John 5. Formerly of Marilyn Manson's band, and currently doing solo shows in addition to his work with Zombie. I may or may not have a little rock-crush on John 5 right now.

I plan to check in on my latest social media obsession, Periscope, throughout Rockfest. If you aren't on Periscope, follow me on Twitter, (it will show up as a tweet when I go live)  and join me!

Horns up!

--Mrs W.


  1. I'll admit I'm a Lzzy fan, but "Into the Wild Life" for me is one of the best albums of 2015. Such diversity, and the vocals.......

    I don't know if it's one or two so far. The other being Chris Stapleton's "Travelller". Not even remotely related, but I just like good music, genre be damned.

    And good to see you writing more lately.

    1. Thank you for recommending Chris Stapleton! I have been hearing about him, but my tastes right now require country to be REALLY good to get my attention, so I hadn't checked him out yet. Stapleton passes the test! Man can that guy SING! His songs are clever and catchy as well. I'm a fan!


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