Song I'm feeling right now: Alter Bridge/Metalingus

If you listen to this song and don't: totally rock out, get completely inspired, or want to go for a really sweet run...then I think there might be something wrong with you.

"Metalingus" (why it's called that, I don't know) is from Alter Bridge's first album, 2004's One Day Remains. I wish I could say I have been an AB fan from the beginning, but I have only been listening to them for about two years. It took me awhile to really dig into their first album. When I did, this song hit me so hard. 

Musically, it's one of the heaviest songs they've recorded. Up until Fortress, anyway. It wasn't a single, but is a clear fan favorite. I doubt they'd play a show without this one in the set list.

"Metalingus" is an excellent example of why I love Alter Bridge. Heavy music, with melodic vocals. While they can get dark, many of the band's most-loved songs have very inspiring lyrics. 

I think they are pretty easy to understand, but you can read the lyrics here. My favorite lines are in the second verse, "I'll never long for what might have been/regret won't waste my life again," and in the bridge, "Fear will kill me/all I could be." I could write a book about why this song's lyrics resonate with me so much. Don't worry. I won't.

"Metalingus" is also killer live. I can't find a great video of the song from either of the shows I attended this year. But here's some Live From Wembly action (Warning: language. Myles is a little Corey Taylor-y here. And I think I like it.):

I want my next tattoo to be something Alter Bridge-related. I have pretty much decided on getting the words, "everything has come to life," from the chorus of this song. I just need to figure out exactly how I want it done.

Fun fact about "Metalingus:" WWE wrestler Edge used it as his theme song:

According to the message boards at The Alter Bridge Nation, this is how a lot of people were introduced to the band.

I hope you enjoy "Metalingus,", and find some meaning or motivation in it like I do. I need this song right now. One of the many things I love about music: it's always there for you.

Until next time,
"another chance/to chase a dream..."

--Mrs. W