Kyng: dirty, West Coast rock

If you're looking for pretty music, walk on home, boy.

But if thrashy, groovy rock with melodic vocals is your thing...then I recommend--no, demand--you check out Kyng.

The Los Angeles trio would be another artist I first heard about from That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk.

Kyng is that metal band I have been looking for. But I didn't even know it. I love my music super heavy. Full of riffs and thrashy...but my ear holes need melody and hooks. Kyng fits my need for brutal, riff-driven, music with the right vocal element. Singer Eddie Veliz has a voice that compliments Kyng's music well.

Kyng's latest album, Burn the Serum, was released in April. It's brutal and beautiful at the same time.

Burn the Serum starts the album with an epic intro. It's so killer...I can't stop thinking about the first 40 seconds of this song! That's not weird, right?:

Lost One is a straight-up rock track, and it's pretty catchy:

Electric Halo is my favorite song on Burn the Serum. In fact, it's one of my favorite songs right now, period:
This song will stick with you after only one listen. I absolutely love and relate to the lyrics as well.
Self Medicated Man brings a chugging guitar, heavy verses, and a slower chorus. There's a lot of variety in this song:

The rest of the album is killer as well. Front to back, you're in for a guitar-driven ride you can sing along to. I recommend giving Burn the Serum a few listens. Like most of my favorite albums, this one grew on me. 
Kyng's debut full length album, Trampled Sun is also excellent. 

Want more from Kyng?

If you're in Southwest Missouri, Kyng is playing Rock 3405 in Joplin on August 7th, with Black Stone Cherry. I'm pumped for this show! 

I haven't listened to much Black Stone Cherry, but I plan on checking them out soon.
Rock on,
Mrs. W.