Winchel Rock 'n Roll Road Trip: killer GPS edition

Video update from the road:

Not safe for work.

Last night, Mike and I went to Billy Bob's Texas, a place I've wanted to visit for awhile. Yes, I think pretty much any current country music is pretty craptabulous, but I grew up on country and will always love it. Mike described Billy Bob's as "Midnight Rodeo on steroids," for you Springfieldians. Two stages, lots of bars, bull riding, and a dance floor where people actually know how to two-step. I sang along and Mike decided he now understands why there are so many songs about southern girls wearing cut-off jeans.

This is as country as I get these days:

Johnny Cash shirt + boots = country Carrie
A very cool part of Billy Bob's: the walls covered with hand prints of all the country legends who have visited or played at the venue, and there are also tons of pictures of people who have been there. We even found one of Dimebag and Vinnie!

Wade Bowen was performing. I haven't listened to much of his music, and I'm not a superfan now. He has some really strong songs, but also quite a bit of mid-tempo stuff that all sound very similar to me. He sang his version of "Love in the First Degree" from a recent Alabama cover album. I loved that!

We also got to meet up with our dear friend Natalie and her sweet family. Natalie, Mike and I worked together for several years and we have so many fun and crazy news memories. The Tristan family is such an inspiration to me--keeping faith and staying positive--no matter what.

Smiles on a rainy Dallas day!
So Tomorrow...Alter Bridge! We have VIP tickets to their show at the House of Blues. So that means, in addition to seeing them live for the first time, as mentioned in the video above, we get to meet them! I have been so incredibly excited about this. Ideally, I will be charming and adorable and able to articulate how much their music inspires me.

But I'll probably be more like:

Don't worry. Whether you care of not, there will be an update. (I don't want to forget anything about the experience EVER)