Stone Sour: concert review, Carrie-style

If you're a regular Carrie Winchel reader, (all 3 of you) you might be tired of me describing the concerts I go to as "amazing." Well, two things: I probably need to get a thesaurus...and, yeah, I'm going to concerts featuring my favorite bands because I ain't gettin' paid for this.

Stone Sour, Stolen Babies, Evalyn Awake/Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland/Kansas City

This show wasn't originally announced as part of Stone Sour's current tour, but a KC radio station booked it as a "low dough" show. Mike found out about it on facebook because Evalyn Awake, a Kansas City band, mentioned they were opening.

The Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland in downtown KC is absolutely gorgeous. There's a photo gallery here, but these pictures don't do the intricate detail in the theater justice. It opened in 1927, and definitely has that historic, grand feel. Perfect for a rock concert featuring who may be music's most adorably potty-mouthed front man.

Corey Taylor. Pic from:

If you've never seen Stone Sour live, (this was my first time) they are one of those bands that sound very true to the albums in concert. Every member is talented, their performances tight. This tour was in support of their recent albums, House of Gold and Bones Parts 1 & 2.

Because you asked, while Part 1 had some very solid songs on it, I think Part 2 was a better album as a whole.

No, I can't figure out what most of Stone Sour's lyrics are about.

The band played a really solid mix of hits, and great cuts from the HoGaB releases. "House of Gold and Bones," "Made of Scars," "Say You'll Haunt Me," "Gravesend," and "Mission Statement" were standouts for me. The video below is "Black John," recorded earlier this month in Boston. It's probably not safe for work. Blabbermouth shared more great live footage from that show. You're welcome.

I'm a sucker for a singer. And for tattooed rock stars in dress shirts. Corey Taylor completely impresses me. His voice is absolutely killer. He moves seamlessly from singing to screaming to aggressive growling and back again. He manages to make it look effortless, but at the same time, makes us feel like he's pouring everything into his performance. He handles his songs like he feels them to the core, and makes the audience feel them too. He's charismatic and enthusiastic. And handsome.

I enjoyed the band that played before Stone Sour, Stolen Babies. Because I'm also a sucker for a lady singer who dresses awesome. They describe themselves as "experimental." Some of their songs had a cabaret style that really isn't my thing, but several were pretty heavy. I'd describe them as a goth No Doubt. This is the best quality live video I could find of Stolen Babies. Not from the KC show:

My goal for the evening was to do something I suck at: be in the moment. Even at concerts--my favorite thing ever--I feel like I'm never really there. My brain is a 26 different places and I cheat myself out of a great experience. So I tried to keep my phone in my purse and really FOCUS on what was in front of me, instead of this terrible inner monologue:
"I feel guilty for taking a day off work. What if something bad happens? What if my dad forgets to check on the dogs? This quick 'n dirty road trip necessitates eating fast food. I can feel that Taco Bell making me fatter. And this new T-shirt I just bought is already tight around my stomach and I better not put it in the dryer. I gotta mail off the mortgage payment tomorrow."

I tried anyway. The effort was worth it. I loved the first of what is already shaping up to be a year of awesome shows!

Up next: Turnpike Troubadours for my 30th birthday. I'll talk about the Troubadours, but not turning 30.

Rock on, friends!