The Winchels' Insane Music Adventure

Mike and I have diverse tastes in music. He turned me on to the world of rock and metal. Thanks to me, he's a fan of some really great underground country and red dirt bands.

This past weekend--which I have been looking forward to for what felt like forever--is the perfect example of why we're just a super couple, thanks for asking.

Friday: Turnpike Troubadours/Midnight Rodeo/Springfield, MO

Mike found these Oklahoma guys a few months ago. Their 2 most recent albums, Diamonds & Gasoline and Goodbye Normal Street, are both great. The music is catchy, but really smart. Just one lyric puts you right in the middle of the story's sights, sounds, and emotions.

Midnight Rodeo is actually a dance club that I've spent more nights at than I'd really like to admit. I had never seen a band play there, and the setup worked surprisingly well.

Turnpike Troubadours opened up with 2 of my favorite songs, "Every Girl" and "Gin, Smoke, Lies." The energy these guys had was killer. They continued with "Down on Washington," "Morgan Street," "Long Hot Summer Day," "Whole Damn Town," and a pretty sweet cover of Alabama's "If You're Gonna Play in Texas..."

I loved every minute singing along with the Troubadours at this show. Except for a few of the typical drunk concert idiots. And my stupidly wearing sandals to a place where pretty much everyone else was wearing cowboy boots. Don't worry, I managed to escape with all of my toes.

Saturday: Megadeth, Iron Maiden/Sprint Center/Kansas City, MO

I tweeted over the weekend, (I'm here, follow me!) "Friday: country mullets. Tomorrow: metal mullets."

Mega culture shock as we headed up to KC to see Megadeth and Iron Maiden at the Sprint Center Saturday.

I cannot claim to be a metal head. I like some of it...and some of it just kinda all sounds the same to me. But as a fan of music in general, I respect the genre and its history. So, seeing 2 legendary bands that played huge roles in shaping rock and metal music was something I was stoked to do.

I also cannot claim to be a concert reviewer, so here's one from a pro at the Kansas City Star.

Iron Maiden is amazing.  I always knew of them but never really listened to the music. Now, I kinda want to marry Bruce Dickinson. This was a once in a lifetime experience. Pyro, fireworks, and lots of Eddie. The songs stand up without the spectacle. But to see and hear them performed by unbelievably talented 50 year old guys who have the energy of 6 rock bands combined...the word is overused, but EPIC is the only one that really covers it.

Megadeth assaulted the Sprint Center with guitar work that would hurt a weaker crew. They are one of those bands that I just can't really get into, but I did enjoy their set. Sharp HD screens showed some crazy video and closeups of the guys playing. And they just looked super bad ass headbanging with their long hair. I don't know which songs they sang because, well, I'm just not that cool. Ask my husband.

My lame iPhone could not capture the wonderful madness. So here's a picture of us doing our best rock faces:

Tuesday: Halestorm, Heaven's Basement/Gillioz Theatre/Springfield, MO

I didn't even really want to go to this show. I was kinda "meh" about Halestorm, but I am a changed woman. This band set the stage on FIRE! Lizzy Hale is one of the most talented women I've ever seen.

It's pretty irritating that there are pop singers who are huge stars--and are everywhere while this band is around.

From the rocking guitars, as they opened with "Love Bites," to Lizzy's beautiful voice--that actually made me cry when she sang "Poison"--to some insane drumming from her brother, the band did not stop blowing my mind. Wow. The closer was a great version of their new single, "Here's to Us."

Pic courtesy of Q102's facebook page

The best part of the night? Discovering the opening band, Heaven's Basement. If you like hard rock with a touch of metal--sung by cute British dudes--check them out. They were great live. Loved the songs...which all sounded different! (Not something you can say for a lot of the bands played on rock radio right now, unfortunately.) Think The Strokes meets The White Stripes meets Buckcherry. I am officially a fan.

These memories are priceless to me. My goal is to never stop making them!

So THAT is what I did on my vacation. Well...that, hit the gym, and watch Full House reruns.

Kisses, hugs, and tunes--

Mrs. W.