When asked about our recent trip to Tulsa to see Slash at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino there, I replied, "It was a religious experience."

Slash & Myles Kennedy. Pic links to:

The picture and link above goes to a concert review and some great photos that are far superior to the craptacular shots on my iPhone.

Mike and I saw Slash and Myles (Kennedy--also in Alter Bridge) in Springfield back in September 2012, but Myles was sick. They cut the set list short, and he wasn't really "on."

But in July 2013--not the case. No opening band. Slash, Myles, and the Conspirators played for a solid 2 hours. And it was kinda like rock 'n roll church. In case you were wondering, it was a Slash smorgasbord. You got your G'nR, your Velvet Revolver, your new stuff...your 15 minute guitar solo.

No offense guitar guys, but that's when I took a pee break.

The vibe in The Joint was really cool. Everyone in the audience was talking to one another, discussing where they're from...other shows they've seen. The guy sitting next to me recognized my "flying W" tattoo as a Waylon tat. I think that was a first.

When the music started--cheering, singing, genuine, soul-deep appreciation for great music.

It makes me sad that I used to think any rock 'n roll was bad, evil--poison to the ears. I missed out on something amazing for way too long.

Slash has helped write some of the best, most recognizable songs ever. And he's still going. I can't wait for his next album with Myles. Apocalyptic Love is in heavy rotation on my iPod. Favorites: title track, "Standing in the Sun," "Anastasia."

Did I mention Myles looked at us and pointed at least once?

I am so incredibly thankful that I've found a partner in life who gets how I feel about music. In high school, I always felt weird for being able to listen to my favorite albums over and over again, for getting SO excited about a concert. I had people who would go with me, and they had fun, but to them it was just something to do. Mike understands. I love discovering music with him. I'm looking forward to working on our "must see" list over the next year.